Facebook, MySpace Have *Very Important* Announcement!

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In the latest communique that gets folks in the tech media bellowing "stop the presses" -- even though there are no presses -- Facebook and MySpace sent out invitations to favored journalists for some manner of joint announcement today

The CEO of MySpace -- which has become a metaphor for antiquation -- and the vice president of partnerships and platform marketing of Facebook -- which has become a metaphor for ubiquity or viral infestations -- will make their spiel at noon today. 

Considering the companies' market positions -- and which executives will be making today's announcement -- speculation is that MySpace will soon have "Facebook connect" buttons on its interface, which will allow Facebook users to carry their identities onto MySpace. Essentially, MySpace would become a Facebook tributary.

MySpace was once the dominant social network, but, then, Spain and Portugal once saw fit to divide the world between them. Following a recent revamping, MySpace has essentially dropped out of the social networking game, and is now focusing on "social entertainment." With that move, MySpace is no longer a direct competitor to Facebook -- if such a thing exists.

The world awaits today's momentous announcement, in just under four hours.

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