Examiner.com 'SF Government Examiner' Is Going to Jail

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Working for Examiner.com, you'd be lucky to come into $200 anyway
A self-professed "examiner" of government officials could do worse than spending a little time in jail. Hell, we've had our share of elected officials doing time in the clink.

But the real lesson of Examiner.com's "SF Government Examiner" heading to jail is that Examiner.com will hire just about anybody. We're not entirely sure what Kent Schisler's qualifications were to be "SF Government Examiner" prior to Monday's verdict that he spend a day in jail for harassing a retired Wells Fargo executive.

But his qualifications for harassment -- sterling.

Schisler claims Wells defrauded his wife out of more than $1 million -- and has fulminated this claim, emphatically, on multiple blogs, for years.

On Schisler's primary blog, he sees fit to quote both the Bible and Martin Luther King, write randomly in all-capitals, and note that, if only authorities had heeded his years-ago warnings about his convoluted situation with Wells Fargo, the whole immolation of the American banking system could have been avoided. To top it off, the so-called "SF Government Examiner" has an 831 area code.

On Monday, Schisler, 65, was found guilty of harassing former Wells CEO Ricahrd Kovacevich by showing up at his family home -- the culmination of more than a decade of letters and e-mails he'd sent the retired CEO's way.

Perhaps not surprisingly, neither of the two articles the "SF Government Examiner" managed to pen was about SF government. The titles were "San Francisco area SUPERIOR court trial, regarding WELLS FARGO illegal banking's victim, & his wife" (note random all-caps) and "Government, big banks and politicians create evil webs."

Incidentally, the San Francisco Examiner and Examiner.com are not partner organizations -- though they are both owned by Philip Anschutz' Clarity Media.

The San Francisco Examiner, interestingly, saw fit to write about this case. Yet in its otherwise fine article, it doesn't mention Schisler's affiliation with Examiner.com.

Update: The San Francisco Examiner now notes that Schisler works for an entity that owns its paper. That's good. But what would be really good is to see more differentiation between the solid and professional work of the San Francisco Examiner's hard-working local reporters and the loons, hacks, and shills who write for Examiner.com.

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