Elections Overtime: The Races That Haven't Finished

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...And we're counting
Funny thing about Instant-Runoff Voting: The results often aren't so instant. A number of elections around the state are still undetermined. What does the future hold? Gnashing of teeth, threats of litigation, and, of course, counting, counting, and recounting.

In an Instant-Runoff Voting anomaly akin to the Giants catching the Dodgers in '51 after trailing by 13 and a half games, Jean Quan is poised to knock off Don Perata in the race for mayor of Oakland. Alameda County officials say final results could be ready as soon as today.

It'll take longer to know who, exactly, will be sitting on the next San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The Department of Elections will today run "IRV" -- also known as Ranked-Choice Voting or RCV -- again today at around 4 p.m. But these results are still being categorized as "preliminary" -- and the city needn't declare an official winner until 28 days after the election. Still, it seems pretty safe to call District 6 for Jane Kim and District 8 for Scott Wiener.

Whether Mark Farrell can outlast Janet Reilly or who will emerge from the scrum of District 10 remains to be seen. (Interestingly, should Farrell win, the venture capitalist would be the only member of the board with any sort of professional financial experience. Yes, really.)

On the state level, the race between Steve Cooley and Kamala Harris for attorney general continues to drag on. The latest results put the Republican Cooley about 50,000 votes ahead. Harris may be forced to guzzle plenty of Maalox before all is said and done.

Finally, in the 11th Congressional District, Contra Costa Democratic incumbent Jerry McNerney holds a lead of just over 600 votes against Republican challenger David Harmer (that's 0.5 percent).

If Harmer goes down to defeat, he can FedEx a turd sandwich to Constitution Party candidate David Christensen. More than 9,000 voters saw fit to cast their ballots for the third-party challenger, whose candidate statement notes that "A secretive cartel of private banks controls our money supply."

McNerney can send him some flowers.

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