Craig Carlos-Valentino, Accused Bay Bridge Gunman, Facing Charges

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Accused Bay Bridge traffic-stopper Craig Carlos-Valentino
Craig Carlos-Valentino, the 51-year-old Antioch driver accused of shutting down the Bay Bridge while he waved about a pistol and told authorities there were explosives in his SUV, will be arraigned in San Francisco Monday morning.

Carlos-Valentino, a security guard at several San Francisco nightclubs, on Thursday purportedly called into several talk radio shows as well as dialing 911 to tell anyone who'd listen that he planned to make a scene on the Bay Bridge. His rationale was that he could not longer stand the pain of his wife cheating on him and seeking to end their marriage. With his 16-year-old daughter riding shotgun, the former emergency medical technician motored his black SUV onto the bridge, inducing a traffic nightmare during commute hours.

In court today, he'll face a bevy of charges for his actions:

One felony count of kidnapping; one felony count of false imprisonment; one felony count of child endangerment; one felony count of making a false bomb threat; one misdemeanor charge of brandishing a firearm; one misdemeanor account of delaying a California Highway Patrol Officer; and one count of driving on a suspended license.

Carlos-Valentino purportedly hurled what may or may not have been a pellet pistol over the edge of The Bay Bridge. That appears to be the only part of his Thursday morning that hasn't resulted in a criminal charge. Other than, you know, putting commuters through hell.

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