Cash Register Thief Gets $20 For His Troubles

Categories: Crime
There's $20 worth of ammo right there...
The mantra "crime does not pay" does not jibe with either Scarface -- or real life. Yet there are some days when, considering Time Is Money, that crime is not cost-effective.

Take a major hood who saw fit to swipe a cash register from a Glen Park grocery store. Usually, thieves go for the cash within the register, but this particular snatch was more holistic.

The weekend robbery was a double-whammy: The purloined register was hauled off in a stolen van. Both were later recovered within the vehicle, which was ditched on the 1100 block of Brazil.

Twenty bucks in change was missing from the register; two hours of work at the city's mandatory minimum wage.

That's not the life of crime anyone signed up for. It certainly doesn't come with benefits.

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