Brian Wilson, Machine, Grace 'Tonight Show'

Amazingly, the San Francisco Giants' world championship has led to this moment being broadcast on national TV
All of America is now being treated to an only-in-San Francisco phenomenon: The random Brian Wilson sighting. The photogenic and quote-worthy baseball star -- who, let's not forget, is also a damn good pitcher -- chatted it up with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show yesterday, sporting jeans, a T-shirt, and gorgeous high-top shoes. He also wore his trademark black beard, and white gloves -- with which to carry the World Series trophy. These, he claimed, were crafted from "yeti fur," to which he is allergic.

Those allergic to Jay Leno can read the following thumbnail of Wilson's entertaining guest slot:

  • When asked why he grew the nation's most famous beard, he noted "I said I was not going to shave until we lose and go home -- and we won it all."

  • When asked why his hair is brown and his beard is black, he told Leno, "Jay, we play the second-most day games in the league. It's tan."
The pride of San Francisco...
  • After a round of applause, Wilson said "That's the sound of San Francisco ... (pause) ... nailing it!"

  • Wilson name-dropped Giants clubhouse manager Mike Murphy. Very cool.

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