Harvard Classmates' Rivalries May Toss Grenade Into Board Prez, Mayoral Selection

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Et tu, Scott? Et tu, Davids?
In the ascension of Supervisors David Chiu, David Campos, and supe-to-be Scott Wiener, we witness an amazing development: Three contemporaries at Harvard Law School have traveled across the nation to lead a city.

But, since this is the internecine political world of San Francisco, it gets better: Three law school buddies have trekked 3,000 miles to quite possibly screw each other over -- big time.

If Chiu loses his seat as board president -- which would keep him from becoming acting mayor -- he may have his old "buddies" to blame. And while they likely don't teach you about karma at Harvard Law, you can sure learn it in San Francisco.

That's because, two years back, while Wiener was counting on votes from both Campos and Chiu, both of his contemporaries instead threw down with Aaron Peskin to lead the Democratic County Central Committee. "People continue to disappoint me," Wiener philosophically told SF Weekly that night.

Chiu's reappointment to a second term atop the board -- and, should the supes not reach a consensus mayoral pick, an automatic gig as acting mayor -- is no sure thing. And personal animus is potentially a factor. While Wiener has a reputation as a nice man, this is most certainly a chance to utter the phrase Chiu's predecessor Peskin made famous: Payback is a bitch.

SF Weekly was unable to reach Wiener for this story (though it warrants mentioning that Chiu didn't need moderates' votes to become board prez, and may not need them to keep the position). Campos, however, said he has no idea who will get his vote for board president. "I haven't even figured that one out," he said. Not a ringing endorsement of his Harvard classmate and fellow progressive.

But, then, the next board prez may yet be a Crimson alum. When asked if he aspires to the post, Campos noted "It's something I would be open to."

We're taking that as a yes.

Note: Yes, we're aware that David Chiu may yet become involved in the appointment process to potentially replace District Attorney Kamala Harris. But there's only so much speculation you're allowed to do per story.

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