'Bikini Traveler' Corinne Theile Strips Again at Sonoma Airport

Corinne Theile, the woman who got everyone's attention (including Conan O'Brien's) on Thanksgiving day by stripping down to a black bikini when gallivanting through a TSA security checkpoint at LAX, repeated her stunt Monday.

Theile tweeted on Sunday to the 1,794 followers of her @Super_Hera account that she was planning to wear only her bikini once more to escape a security pat-down at Charles Schulz Airport in Sonoma County prior to boarding her flight to Los Angeles. By the way, her account photo features her in a bikini, superhero cape, and boots. In other words -- ready for takeoff!

Theile tweeted Sunday that, "I'll be wearing mine again tomorrow," as well as: "Woke to ice on the car! Tomorrows security check could be very cold! They don't heat the Sonoma County airport before the first flight burr!" Later, she seemed to desire input from fellow twitterers on repeating the stunt: "Headed back to LAX early tomorrow morning. Do I brave the cold to go through security in a bikini again or not?"

Last week, a publicist friend called out the camera crew to record the 31-year-old Sonoma County native while she stripped down, according to news reports. The video has racked up thousands of views on YouTube, a mention O'Brien's monologue, and a Facebook page for 'Bikini Girl' started by a Los Angeles public relations agency. The publicist confirmed to SF Weekly on Monday evening that Theile had gone through with it. Theile herself tweeted Monday night: "Yes, I did it again. Follow through!" 


As for her bio on Twitter, Theile writes: "To some, I'm a super hero. An Ironwoman, with a quick wit, unstoppable curiosity, who enjoys good friends, good food, good wine, breaking a good sweat."

She probably caused a few TSA workers to do the same. 

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that Theile was going to repeat her stunt tomorrow, Tuesday. We heard from her publicist late Monday that, in fact, Theile had gone through with it Monday morning.

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