Plaintiff Refers to Judges as 'Ass Clowns' In Legal Papers. Judges Not Amused.

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You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Actually, you catch the most flies with shit. But the legalistic equivalent of shit didn't do much for Paul Hupp. The plaintiff, who literally made a federal case of a bankruptcy suit stemming from unpaid student debts, referred to the judges adjudicating the matter as "ass clowns" and "cock suckers." This went about as well as you'd think it would

Here's a manner of legal writing we hadn't encountered before Hupp's stinging missive to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals:

Plaintiff has news for these slime ball, piece of shit, ass clown judges (Bowie, Canby, Thomas and Fletcher-this means you) that think they are going to rig the system and railroad the poor and innocent ... that is simply not going to happen in this case. You cock suckers are now on notice. The facts of this case are going to come out one way or the other. Remember that, bitches.

Wow. The fact Hupp refers to our nation as the "Unites States of America" on Page 1 of his suit suddenly doesn't seem so important, does it?

But he goes on. Do they teach you to use the "wrong, bitches" line of argumentation in law school? If so, is this the proper manner in which to utilize this strategy?


Hupp goes on to claim his initial debt of $6,400 has now swelled to $80,000 -- "and this goddamn piece of shit Court did not even address those issues. ... Don't worry bitches, fucking people over is a two-way street. Remember that when civil unrest shows up on your doorstep."

One last Hupp salvo for you:
You little bitches are not going to make outrageous lies like that when Plaintiff worked his ass off getting hired in a very tough and competitive education field, not once, but numerous times ... If you mother fucking liars don't understand that, then you're not going to understand the civil unrest that will be coming to your doorstep. Fuck you and that ridiculous lie. The notion that ANYONE would resort to filing bankruptcy over a $6,400 loan is a fucking joke.

The plaintiff concluded his nine-page request for a re-hearing with the sentence -- in bold text and all-caps -- "YOU COCK SUCKING MOTHER FUCKERS ARE ON NOTICE."

Amazingly, his request was denied -- as was a subsequent appeal to the Supreme Court.

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