World Series: Actual Odds For Amazingly Stupid Bets

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Those who squander their hard-earned cash on food and heat rather than gambling it away may not know what a prop bet is. It's not a wager on, say, Yorick's skull or the gun Chekhov saw fit to hang on the wall

Rather, it's a proposition bet -- or side bet -- on something seemingly chancy and incidental. For example, rather than wagering on who'll win the World Series, a prop bet would be to lay down odds that one of the ceremonial first pitches will miss the catcher. Astoundingly, odds for that incredibly trivial and seemingly unpredictable occurrence have been set.

Over at the Sportsbook Review Forum, the odds of a ceremonial Game 1 wild pitch are set at "even." You really wanna bet against Willie Mays? Of course, when your humble narrator watched Mays toss out a first pitch during the '89 Series, the Say Hey Kid intentionally hurled the ball into the stands at Candlestick Park. Would that count? If you're silly enough to lay your money down on this, you're probably silly enough to press your case.

Other interesting prop bets:

2010 World Series highest single-game TV Ratings to top 15.4 million viewers:

Yes 3/2
No 1/2

At least one fan interference call by umpires in any game:

Yes 3/2
No 4/7

At least one player or manager to be ejected from any game:

Yes 2/3
No 13/10

2010 World Series MVP:

Andres Torres (Giants) 20/1
Aubrey Huff (Giants) 15/1
Bengie Molina (Rangers) 25/1
Buster Posey (Giants) 15/2
Cliff Lee (Rangers) 9/2
Cody Ross (Giants) 10/1
Elvis Andrus (Rangers) 16/1
Ian Kinsler (Rangers) 11/1
Josh Hamilton (Rangers) 9/2
Matt Cain (Giants) 8/1
Michael Young (Rangers) 12/1
Nelson Cruz (Rangers) 12/1
Pat Burrell (Giants) 9/1
Tim Lincecum (Giants) 15/2
Vladimir Guerrero (Rangers) 12/1
Field 3/2

Well, okay then. What were the odds of the Giants and Rangers making the Series?

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