World Series: Is $76,240 Too Much To Pay to See Game 1?

Trade your Vespa for Series tickets? How about the girl with the tapestry dress?
First things first: Craigslist will never top the swap offer your humble narrator spotted in 2002. That would be "Will Trade 1,900 Pounds of Bananas For Series Tickets."

I determined last year the street value of 1,900 pounds of bananas is about $875, making it a relatively poor trade for World Series tix. Fast-forwarding to the present, for nearly 90 times that amount -- $76,240 -- you can now take in tonight's Game 1 of the Series in style.

That's the price of a 19-person suite at AT&T Park. And since it's only $4,000 a head, it hardly seems outrageous, does it? Can we bring our own bananas?

You'll be paying $4,000 a pop if you buy tickets from this asshole -- and after handing him a year's worth of tuition payments at a state school, you still have to sit next to him and his wife. Glancing through Craigslist, Series tix for the price of, say, a wedding caterer were not hard to find.

More entertaining were creative bartering offers. This guy wants your ticket in exchange for some art -- presumably not Garfunkel. Here's an offer of a time-share in Capitola for tix. Here's a criminal defense attorney. Are you accused of a crime and now in possession of tickets worth thousands of dollars? He can help!

Porcelain figurines? Electrician services? Will you trade your Vespa for tickets? It's all there.

So are Giants fans at AT&T Park, hoping to catch a glimpse of the action through the right field fence. They'll save their $76,240 and take in Game 1 for free.

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