Will President Bush Dare Come To the San Francisco World Series Games?

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I heart Texas Rangers.
Is Dubya coming to the World Series? Today's Examiner said it's "rumored" that George W. Bush is headed to either Games 1 or 2 in San Francisco to root for the Texas Rangers, the team which he used to partly own. (There's a good little bit of trivia to get you sports-apathetic San Franciscans riled up about beating those brats.) Actually, the folks on Indymedia are already plotting to give him a "heartfelt welcome."

Where did this rumor come from? Well, that's the thing with rumors. The Giants press office said they couldn't confirm it, press sources in Dallas hadn't heard a thing about it today, and the San Francisco Republican Party hasn't returned a message. Googling "President Bush + World Series" just brings up stuff about him throwing out the first pitch during the 2001 series. Since the usual tools of journalistic fact-getting have failed us, we'll just hypothesize that Bush probably welcomes the chance to stop twiddling his thumbs in Texas. Combine that with the fact Bush has been showing up at Rangers games all season, and we see reason to spread this unsubstantiated rumor even further.   

While any Rangers fan who dares enter Giants territory this week can expect a rather tepid reception, we're thinking it takes even more moxie for the former president to show up in Nancy Pelosi's home town where the only welcome "Bush" sighting is at the Folsom Street Fair.

Hell, the ballot initiative to rename the city's sewage plant the George W. Bush Sewage Plant garnered 30 percent of the vote in 2008. A 2008 visit to the city inspired a Yelp thread (always a reliable barometer of popular sentiment) with such comments as "grody," and "Fucking rat bastard."

While Bush mostly avoided San Francisco like enemy territory during his presidency, this won't be the first time Bush will have stepped foot in the city. Former city supervisor Aaron Peskin says that Bush showed up at the PGA banquet alongside Governor Schwarzenegger at the Fairmont Hotel last year, which Peskin found out about because the Democratic County Central Committee was having its own banquet next door on the same night. But that, of course, was after Bush had left office.

"There were these eight years of Bill Clinton, and we always had to pay the police tab for his protection that the federal government didn't reimburse," Peskin recalls. "And then there were eight years where there were no overtime costs because George Bush never came."

While San Franciscans will likely boo Bush more than they will the Rangers starting lineup, at least Mayor Gavin Newsom is willing to be cordial. As Newsom's spokesman told the Examiner today: "The mayor will be glad to sit and visit with him for a spell, as they say in Texas."

Peskin told us he nabbed tickets ($313 for two) because he's neighbors with Jack Bair, the Giants senior vice president. But he doubted he'd get close to Dubya. "I think he'll be in a box. I'll be in the bleachers," Peskin says.  

Will Bush come with Laura in tow? Is he paying for his seats? How many Giants fans are being displaced for joyless bodyguards to sit around him? Damn rumors. We want answers.

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