Wet Halloween Weekend Commences

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This costume, unlike a Christine O'Donnell ladybug, will keep you dry
Your best bet for a Halloween costume this year may end up being "Gorton's fisherman." You could always say you're the villain from I Know What You Did Last Summer. You'll stay dry (and stay out of the Castro, dammit!).

As anyone who cranes his or her head out of the window can discern, the rain many worried would forestall the World Series has finally come. You will likely find yourself drenched tomorrow morning. As for Halloween on Sunday, it's more probable you'll be treated than tricked. But this is meteorology, so do watch for razor blades in the unsealed candy.

If you're wondering, the weather predictions for Arlington, Texas -- where the San Francisco Giants hope to close out the World Series this weekend -- are more sanguine.

The sprawling suburb smackdab in the middle of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area will witness rainless weekend conditions and temperatures in the high 70s and mid 80s. There may be rain on Tuesday -- but by then the World Series, if it continues, will have returned to San Francisco and locals won't be much concerned with precipitation in the Metroplex area.

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