Weed-Smoking Giants Fans Burn Up The Internet (VIDEOS)

'People smokin' weed over there!' By the way, that is a vintage, pre-1993 jersey on the Giants fan.
Really, we'd hoped to wait off and post this article at 4:20, but we just couldn't help ourselves.

Dallas-area newscaster Newy Scrubbs' rant about weed-smoking Giants fans prior to yesterday's first game of the World Series is utterly magnificent. Even if you're not, you know, smoking weed.

And it's magnificent on so many levels. First off, we have a newscaster shouting "that's weed! That's weed! ... People smokin' weed over there!" Also transcendent: The Ken and Barbie anchors, both with accents befitting game show announcers, talking about "liberal" San Francisco and rating McCovey Cove as a "beautiful" place to get toked up.

Watch, enjoy, and ... smoke 'em if you got 'em.

And, here, Newy discovers "weed rock," and laments that, as a teetotaler, he may become "wired up" by second-hand pot smoke. "And the police aren't even doing anything!" he says.


Newy, true story: A San Francisco police officer and his partner approached a couple they'd earlier let off for smoking pot in public. When the couple tried to apologize, the partner silenced them. "I've got resin on the back of my teeth older than the both of you. Get out of here."

Giants up, one game to nil. First pitch for Game 2 in four hours. Pass the time as you will.

H/T   |   Dallas Observer

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