VIDEO: Win or Lose, Our New Giants/Lincecum Anthem (fuck yeah)

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fuck yeah snuggietim.JPG
Fish Eye Films
Timmy in a Snuggie? Fuck yeah!
We admit it: at first, we weren't huge fans of Ashkon Davaran's Journey-fueled Giants anthem (mostly because we really, really don't like Journey). But it grew on us. And who cares what we think -- nearly 800,000 people like the video just fine, evidenced by the hit count as of today.

So we were thrilled when an East Coast-based friend of ours sent us the following video, made by San Carlos-based Fish Eye Films. Its focus? Tim Lincecum, snuggies and -- fuck yeah.

Video after the jump.
Ok, maybe it's a wee bit juvenile. If there's less production values than the Ashkon video, certainly more Full Throttles were consumed during this one's creation.

Big Time Timmy Jim takes the ball tonight in less than an hour. Go Giants.

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