Vegan Fashion Show Coming to San Francisco

Lady Gaga will not be in attendance
Anyone who watched the recent MTV Music Awards could be forgiven for thinking that the practice of wearing garments constructed from animal remains -- juicy-looking red meat, in the case of Lady Gaga -- is coming into style.

But for those who don't like their blouses rare, San Francisco will soon be home to a confab showing off a different kind of wardrobe. Not only do these clothes neither bleed nor sizzle on a grill. They actually don't have any animal products at all. That's right: It's San Francisco's first vegan fashion show.

We know what you're thinking. Really? San Francisco has never had a vegan fashion show? You also might be wondering what constitutes vegan apparel. Kara Ashe, spokesperson for the event, tells us that nothing that comes from an animal -- fur, silk, leather, wool, necklaces strung with the skulls of squirrels -- can be used in a vegan outfit.

"You might see cotton," she says. "You'll see bamboo." Other materials used in vegan clothing include plastic and polyester, she says.

We're not sure how eco-friendly it is to substitute petroleum byproducts for animal hides, but no matter. The action goes down from 4:45 to 6 p.m. this Saturday at the San Francisco Vegetarian Society's 11th Annual World Vegetarian Festival, held at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. We at The Snitch will stick to checking out Lady Gaga.

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