Vandal Busts Gas Pipe

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Kicking a gas pipe is not popular these days
Busting a gas pipe for the sheer thrill of destruction might make you a sociopath. But, in the days after a large swath of San Bruno went up in flames -- and every odor of yesterday's barbecue fumes results in a school evacuation -- it could go a long way toward getting you declared Public Enemy No. 1.

Along those lines, a pipe-obsessed vandal was spotted last week in the 4800 block of Mission.

A witness told police he'd been minding his own business within his business when he heard "a loud thud." He wandered outside to see aman walking away from a gas pipe "which was protruding from the victim's building" and was now inundating the neighborhood with the odor of natural gas.

For good measure, the vandal kicked a water pipe while marching away from the scene of the crime, breaking that vessel as well.

The alleged miscreant is described as a 5-foot-9 Hispanic man weighing 170-odd pounds, aged 21 or so years, and having a thing for pipes.

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