Tim Lincecum Is Ready for His Close-Up

Television networks enjoy showing off their expensive toys come playoff time. With FOX, that often involves battling robots morphing into various shapes to convey inane statistics. But it also involves high-powered cameras likely developed during the Cold War and now utilized to unnerve home viewers with unwelcome close-ups of Bruce Bochy's visage.

Here's a statement that'll spark a full-scale war between baseball's lovers and haters: Baseball is a slow game. Let's just accept this. But while a three-and-a-half hour game can be a grind in May, the spectacular pressure of October baseball mitigates the delays. Contemplating the magnified consequences of each pitch, each swing, ratchets up the anxiety -- at least for fans. The networks, meanwhile, dial up the drama with a rapid series of pore-revealing close-ups between each pitch. And, in every way this postseason, Tim Lincecum is ready for his close-up.

Even casual baseball fans already knew Lincecum was a transcendent pitcher. But now, thanks to a barrage of close-ups that reveal he likely shaves once a month whether he needs to or not, they know more.

Same guy?

They know he eerily resembles the character Wiley Wiggins played in Dazed and Confused. And they like that:


So, keep up the good "work," Timmy. The nation has, apparently, grown accustomed to your face.

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