The San Francisco Giants Tortured Quiz

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Tim Lincecum is ready for the postseason. Are you?
Yesterday, the San Francisco Chronicle ran an enjoyable quiz meant to separate the bandwagoners from the fans who cannot unsee what they have seen.

We had fun. But we thought we'd come up with our own "Are You a Gamer?" quiz. To wit:

1. Which of the following didn't Will Clark say on live TV after the Giants clinched the National League West in 1987?

A. "WOOOOOOO! We did it! That's goddamn right!"
B. "I looooove champagne! Lemme get rid of this gum!"
C. Ozzie Smith? He ain't shit!
D. I went to all the fucking amateur ones and now we're going to the pros!

2. Counting preseason games, who was the first player to register a "splash hit" at Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T Park?

A. Luis Gonzalez
B. Barry Bonds
C. Jorge Posada
D. Felipe Crespo

3. Who started -- and lost -- Game 7 of the 1987 National League Championship Series?

A. Kelly Downs
B. Mike Krukow
C. Atlee Hammaker
D. Rick Reuschel

4. What did Giants journeyman infielder Harry Spillman do for the first time in his Major League career in 1988, at age 33?

A. Start a game
B. Hit a triple
C. Play for a winning team
D. Assault the opposing team's mascot

5. After hitting a home run in the 1989 World Series, what little-known Giants catcher received calls from relatives he didn't even know he had?

A. Greg Litton
B. Eric Gunderson
C. Rick Parker
D. Bill Bathe

6. How many stints with the Giants did Terry Mulholland have?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 27

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