Sarah Palin in Bay Area Today

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Hello San Jose!
Does Sarah Palin know the way to San Jose? You Betcha.

The conservative Liberty & Freedom Foundation is hosting what it calls "an evening forum event with Sarah Palin." Unlike most evenings with Palin -- which, presumably, include network TV, moose, and cursing Levi Johnson, this one is a gala affair at San Jose's Marriott. Ticket prices range from $25 to $199. But for dedicated Palin enthusiasts, there's so much more! To wit:

You'll have an opportunity to hear Governor Palin's remarks discussing a variety of issues that are important to, and currently affecting, the people of the greater Bay Area. There will be a Q & A session posing questions from locals, as well as questions from school kids. We believe in our youth perspective and know you all will enjoy their insight into America. TONS of opportunities to receive AUTOGRAPHED copies of 'Going Rogue', Governor Palin's book. Free T-shirt GIVEAWAYS! The event will be filled with fun, music and insight into what's going on in America and how you as patriotic loyal Americans can make a difference!

Rarely will you stumble across an event that offers the joys of young children formulating questions to be answered by Sarah Palin. But, there you go.

Finally, in a fantastic coincidence, both Palin and lefty documentarian Michael Moore will be in San Jose today. Moore will be in the Bay Areato pick up the John Steinbeck Award. No news on whether he'll be grilled by schoolchildren.

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