Rachael Smith, Alleged Craigslist Apartment Scammer, Hit With 14 Additional Fraud Counts

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Rachael Smith is not thanking God it's Friday
Rachael Smith, the woman accused of renting out the same Richmond District flat to scores of would-be tenants and then absconding with more than $100,000, did indeed make her hearing this morning.

It wasn't a pleasant encounter. Smith was charged with 14 additional counts of fraud, bringing the total to 18 felony charges. As a result, the legion of victims' estimated losses grew from $20,000 to $110,000. And Smith was re-arrested on the spot and jailed.

While prosecuting attorney Evan Ackiron asked for bail to be set at $175,000, Judge Donna Little assigned a bail of $30,000. That was deemed reasonable by Inspector John Monroe, the police investigator on the case.

"The judge made the very good point that if Rachael is in jail, she can't make money to pay restitution," he noted. "Rachael told the court she has some job interviews. She is currently looking to become employed."

The sheriff's department confirmed moments ago that Smith is currently booking into county jail. She is due in court again on Oct. 18. Among other subjects, the terms of her bail will be discussed once more.

Smith told the court she is currently residing in Orange County. Monroe is uncertain what manner of job she is in the hunt for. When asked if it was one involving the handling of money, he replied "I would hope not."

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