Poll: Dems Abandoning Pelosi. Does Nancy-Challenger John Dennis Have a Chance?

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Still just a dream
John Dennis may live in Pacific Heights, but his similarities to fellow posh neighborhood resident Nancy Pelosi end there. The Republican challenger to most-powerful San Franciscan Pelosi supports Proposition 19, wants a repeal of the Defense of Marriage act, and is even OK with gays serving in the military.

That puts him more in step with most San Franciscans (who admittedly haven't seen much of Nancy Pelosi lately). But does that mean he stands a chance in hell of unseating the Speaker of the House of Representatives from her Eighth District perch? According to a poll, mathematically... no.

But he's getting there.

An internal poll conducted over the summertime revealed that roughly 35 percent of local Democrats and Independents were fed up with Pelosi's leadership. That led SF Weekly to do some math.

Pelsoi was re-elected last year with 220,000 votes, or 71 percent of the vote (next runner-up Cindy Sheehan received 46,000 votes, or 16 percent). If 35 percent of Democrats who supported Pelosi did abandon her and vote for Dennis, that'd be another 75,000 votes. So if they all voted for Dennis, that'd be 121,000 votes to Pelosi's 150,000.

Keep in mind that former Board of Supervisors president Matt Gonzalez endorsed John Dennis, as did Sheehan. That's getting there... but even all this is a stretch. A huge stretch, according to political analyst David Latterman.

"Dennis has no chance," he told SF Weekly. "He'll get more votes than Sheehan, but that's it."

So the dream is just a dream for now. But who knows what November will hold? Yes: a Pelosi reelection, probably.

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