Peeping Tom -- In Drag -- Accused of Stalking Women's Locker Room

Categories: Crime
Hello ladies!
In Berkeley -- as in San Francisco -- the sight of a man in drag with a towel obscuring his face doesn't warrant a second look. But in the women's locker room? Not cool.

The Daily Californian is reporting just such a man has breached the women's showers of U.C. Berkeley's Recreational Sports Facility on multiple occasions. A custodian recently confronted the man, who was purportedly snapping cell phone photographs of the locker room and its denizens.

Women changing their attire are urged to keep an eye out for a short man between 5-foot-4 and 5-foot-6 outfitted in large sunglasses, the aforementioned towel, sweatpants, and curly, shoulder-length black hair believed to be a wig.

He has twice managed to elude police. Perhaps his innocuous appearance allowed him to blend into the Berkeley crowd.

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