Woman in Pajamas Slaps Muni Bus Driver

Put on some goddamn clothes, Doris!
One of the cultural eccentricities of Shanghai -- and one that hardly fits with its current sleek, modern image -- is a propensity for older people to walk around in pajamas, at any hour of the day.

San Franciscans don't have the excuse of longstanding tradition when donning sleepwear in public, however. Really, is it so much to ask people to wear actual clothes out-of-doors? And not physically assault your bus drivers? And not do both, simultaneously, as a woman recently did in Visitacion Valley?

According to a subsequent police report, a woman wearing "green pajama-type pants" grew enraged Monday morning when her bus driver refused to let her off mid-stop.

The 5-foot-6, 160-pound twentysomething did the mature thing and slapped the driver across the face. When he stopped the bus at San Bruno and Somerset, she ran like hell.

Sadly, eyewitnesses could not discern if she had any telltale designs -- Sponge Bob; Dora the Explorer -- on her pajama pants. She remains at large and underdressed.

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