Not Tried BART Yet? Now's The Time To Do It.

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You will love me.
Have you heard? There's a thing called BART in this here Bay Area. And BART wants to make sure you know about BART -- that's why this week was 'Try BART Week.' If you haven't yet sampled the public transit goodness that is BART, today's the day to do it: if you do, you could win fabulous prizes!

Such as -- more BART.

Free BART for a year is nothing to sneeze or sneer at -- it is in fact worth $2,500, according to the agency's own estimate -- and that's exactly what's at stake today. In order to win, all you need to do is ride BART. And look for the word of the day. And text the word of the day to 44144. And have your text selected, and not be stuck with any of the other prizes, like Raider tickets, or Cal-Oregon tickets. Black Hole for an afternoon or BART for a year? Hmm.

"Try BART Week" has been nothing less than a ridership bonanza for the transit agency, BART spokesman Linton Johnson said. Some 350,000 people have boarded BART trains every day this week, not too far away from the record of 380,000 daily riders in September of 2008.

That means that whomever wishes to be the Mayor of 12th Street Station has some serious competition this week, more so than usual. An aside: did you know that people use Foursquare to check in at BART? Second aside: did you know  people use Foursquare? Jesus.

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