Muni Drops 25-Cent Clipper Card Fee -- Could Cost System $1 Million

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What are you doing, Dave?
When SF Weekly earlier asked Muni why users of its new temporary Clipper cards were assessed a 25-cent surcharge -- which looked an awful lot like a gouge on tourists and the indigent -- we were told it was just a cost-recovery method for the pricey cards.

Muni has now opted to drop that quarter fee -- which agency spokesman Paul Rose said will put a roughly $1 million dent in Muni's budget.

In Muni's tried-and-true mantra, the agency will now be "looking for other funding sources."
When asked why Muni opted to eat $1 million annually, Rose noted that the "policy has gotten a lot of public feedback and we want to make the transition [to Clipper] as soon as possible. Suspending the fee will help with that."

Whether the terrible PR in a tourist town of dinging tourists was a factor -- well, use your imagination. Unlike the ramifications of Muni's new policy, using your imagination is free.

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