Matt Gonzalez Endorses John Dennis -- Nancy Pelosi's Republican Opponent

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Come on in to my big political tent
Former San Francisco Supervisor Matt Gonzalez is endorsing Republican Congressional candidate John Dennis to highlight "points of agreement" between anti-war liberals and libertarian Republicans.

"There are points of agreement, and we ought to join forces," said Gonzalez in an interview Thursday. "We want to build a mass coalition, anti-war coalition. We often ask Republicans on the right, libertarians to join us. When they come forward, and they're anti-war, and they want to build a coalition, there's all this suspicion."

Dennis characterizes himself as an anti-war, gay-friendly congressional candidate from San Francisco. The juxtaposition has earned him attention from the Wall Street Journal. His futile campaign for votes in Pelosi's tightly held Democratic district demonstrates the arrogance of House Speaker Pelosi, suggested Gonzalez, a former San Francisco mayoral runner-up who also served as Ralph Nader's most recent presidential running mate.

John Dennis tosses a bucket of water on Nancy Pelosi, "the wicked witch of the west" in an online campaign ad
"Say what you will about Gavin Newsom: at least he showed up at a League of Women Voters debate, and he had to debate Quintin Mecke and Kenny the Clown," Gonzalez said, adding that Pelosi has so far failed to debate Dennis. "At least Newsom showed enough respect for the process that he faced his opponents."

We left a message with Pelosi's congressional office. While we wait for a response, we'll leave you with Gonzalez' unfettered disappointment with our local Congresswoman's reign as House Speaker.

"She said she'd stop the war, yet appropriations went up," Gonzalez said. The Tea Party Right likes to call these guys socialist. So the left likes to run to their defense. They're not socialist. They're not even progressives."

We seem to recall that people were saying a decade or so ago that Democrats such as Bill Clinton and Al Gore were just as bad as Republicans. And then George W. Bush became president.

In a seemingly related vein, right after we spoke with Gonzalez, the Dennis campaign sent us a press release about how the candidate, if elected, would work to dismantle President Barack Obama's health care legislation.

As your next Congressman, I will help our families and small business owners by working to immediately repeal the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.

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