Lefty O'Doul's Schedules Giants Celebration For Tomorrow. Jinx? Don't Bet On It.

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Fuck it -- we're going deep
One thing we like about Giants fans -- in addition to their prime physical condition -- is their reckless abandon when it comes to superstition. No worrying about curses here in San Francisco, especially not if you're Lefty O'Doul's.

The Union Square piano bar/hofbrau brazenly hung a sign declaring the establishment "Giants World Series HQ" -- during the Division Series with Atlanta, no less. Ballsy, maybe, but accurate so far -- so they're upping the ante, announcing a celebratory Bloody Mary breakfast for 7 a.m. tomorrow, should when the Giants clinch.

Is this going too far?

"To hell with it," said PR impresario Lee Housekeeper, who put out the release announcing tomorrow's party. "We'll either have Philly cheesesteak on our faces [as opposed to egg], or we'll have a party."


The latter sounds much better, and after last night's ridiculous game, in which the Giants came back from a deficit to win on a walkoff hit, it sounds probable. People will get drunk either way, so there's that.

The beer company who made the sign hung over the Lefty O'Doul's entrance initially balked, so leery they were at jinxing the team, Housekeeper reminded us. And look how that turned out.

That said, Lefty's is not so overcome with hubris that they're not betting the farm on a win tonight. They're allotting for a celebratory breakfast on Sunday, too (meaning a Giants win at least in a Game 6 on Saturday night).

"We're looking at the world the same way Tim Lincecum does," Housekeeper added. "A bong half-full."

In Tim's immortal words: fuck yeah.

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