KTVU Goes Low-Tech to Solve 'Clockgate'

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What time is it?
Back when Charlie Finley owned the Oakland A's, an underling was often tasked with keeping the legendarily unpleasant executive abreast of the team's progress. This was accomplished via the low-tech, but effective, method of attaching a telephone to a radio with a rubber band so the owner could simply listen in while he went about his business.

KTVU-TV this morning has employed a similarly low-tech -- but effective -- method of solving a problem. Faced with a computer glitch yesterday that left it unable to superimpose the time-of-day on-screen, the Channel 2 morning news today resorted to simply filming what appears to be a five-dollar digital clock and cramming it in the lower right corner of the screen.

The blood-red digital readout is a dead ringer for the clock radio that bolted the morning news show's sonambulistic viewers out of bed. But what it lacks in aesthetics it does make up in accuracy.

KTVU clock.jpg

And while the clock may appear to be a vestige of the past, it has inspired its own twitter hashtag: #KTVUclockgate. And if that isn't progress -- what is?

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