KKKatie Acquitted Of Being A Hater, KKKonvicted of Being a Punk

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I don't know art...
A San Francisco jury decided KKKatie was just a misunderstood artist after all. KKKatie, or Katherine Dunbar, was acquitted of a hate crime charge for tagging major city buildings with backward swastikas, anarchist circle-A symbols, and her triple K graffiti tag.

But apparently the graffiti didn't spell hate crime, just vandalism. For that, she was g-g-guilty on 11 charges.

The jury let her off the hook for the felony hate crime charge, but convicted her of 10 misdemeanor counts of vandalism and one felony count for painting "KKKatie, All This Means Nothing" on the William McKinley statue in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle. Dark. The 24-year-old was arrested at Bay to Breakers after a four-month vandalism spree including  Grace Cathedral, War Memorial, and San Francisco General Hospital, um, art.

Her defense attorney, Vilaska Nguyen, convinced the jury that KKKatie wasn't a hooded white supremacist dressed in anarchist's clothes, just a tagger using her childhood nickname K-K-Katie, based on the World War I-era song. Everyone sing along now:


Such a happy song to inspire the name for a girl accused of assaulting the guy who reported her to the cops, showering him with racial epithets, and allegedly concocting rape allegations against him. She's also accused of biting a policeman at General Hospital.

"The name KKKatie and the backward swastikas were a terribly misguided effort to shock people through art and make them question their assumptions," said Nguyen in a statement. "When this case began, it was obvious Katie was not a racist but a misguided kid with a bad tag moniker."

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