Jerry Brown's Muscle Man Revealed -- It's Jerry!

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What the hell?
The other day, we commented on the oddity of Jerry Brown tweeting his thanks to a donor who'd ponied up the princely sum of $10. More eye-catching, however, was a steroidal freak of a muscle man in the background of Brown's Twitter page.

The owner of that testosterone-saturated body has now been identified. And it's Jerry Brown. Sort of.

Isolating the many images in the (rather noisy) background of Brown's page, it turns out this is a clever photoshop job of the 72-year-old Democratic candidate for governor's head upon the trunk of a body builder who has apparently eaten Charles Atlas.

Hello, Jerry
In fact, a number of humorous images can be isolated from Brown's Twitter page. Our favorites:

  • "Jerry" written in ketchup atop cream cheese;

  • A Yorkshire Terrier barking "Jerry";

  • Jerry's name in dandelions

Finally, since no one else saw fit to mention it, we thought Brown's statement on California's surplus, emphatically delivered during his first debate with Meg Whitman this week, was one of the most profoundly entertaining political quotes in many a moon: "That surplus didn't drop down from the tooth fairy. I created that damn thing."

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