Horacio Toure, World's Unluckiest Accused iPhone Thief, On Trial

You know where Horacio Toure will be this morning -- even without the aid of a high-tech iPhone with a tracker on it.

Toure, the man who made international headlines as perhaps the world's unluckiest thief, is in court today for Day Two of his criminal trial. He is accused of stealing an iPhone -- but not just any iPhone. Toure is charged with yanking the phone of David Kahn, CEO of Mountain View's Covia Labs, right in the midst of a demonstration of its new real-time tracking program, "Alert and respond."

Toure, charged with stealing the world's most traceable iPhone in the midst of an exhibition of its traceability, was arrested within 10 minutes by police. Two filched iPhones were found in his possession.

He is facing two grand theft felony charges. Though, in a factor that may appeal to a San Francisco jury, he was riding his bicycle when he committed the alleged thefts. .

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