Golden Gate Park Golf Course Vandalized Again

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A crime against golf
Yesterday we noted that the city's Golden Gate Park Golf Course had been vandalized to the tune of $75,000 by off-roading miscreants who reduced holes six, seven, and eight to a morass of mud and tire tracks.

While city crews spotted the vandalism on Friday and worked over the weekend to patch it up, an unknown vandal or vandals hit the repaired holes a second time on Monday.

"It's the worst vandalism I've seen in recent memory," a Rec and Park staffer told SF Weekly. "However many people come out here every day, whether it's 12-year-old boys from grammar school or retired 80-year-old women, it's like a mini-United Nations here. And all of these people have been violated."

No cost estimate has been placed on the second spate of vandalism, but the holes are out of commission. The aforementioned staffer said the initial damage was "the big hit."

It's been a busy few months for grounds crews in Golden Gate Park. In addition to the off-roading bandits, scores of trees and bushes have been killed in multiple incidents.

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