World Series: Game 1 Leaves Fans Thrilled -- and Nervous

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Eric Golub
Game 1 viewed from the Willie McCovey statue on the far side of McCovey Cove
A Giants fan is always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Because, with this team, the other shoe always drops. I can't speak for the hordes of orange-clad people inundating our city -- though, as a long-suffering supporter, I don't resent them. But, as a fan with a long memory, I am conditioned to expect the worst. The thrilling, 11-7 win in Game 1 was, above all, a win. But I am still nervous. So nervous.

This is a Rangers team that seems to be able to throw a lot of runs up onto the board night in and night out. This Giants team cannot.

It was disheartening to watch Tim Lincecum sputter with two gone in the sixth, one strike away from whiffing the side and putting the Giants back in the dugout after a big inning. Instead, he allowed a two-out rally and gave Texas hope. And it was ominous to watch Texas tee off in the ninth inning off a conga line of Giants relievers.

And yet, even years of following the Giants can't induce one to overlook the positives. The team battered Cliff Lee, the postseason's most dominant pitcher. This wasn't due to Lee having mononucleosis, dodgy umpiring, or odd bounces of the ball. San Francisco simply knocked him out of the box. Offensively, this is about the best the Giants can do. It was fantastic to watch hit after two-out hit. Juan Uribe's three-run bomb was a proper coup de grâce. Long may it live in Giants lore.

While nothing is prettier than a win, this was not a sterling game, however. Six errors, a dozen pitchers, and a three hour, 36-minute duration for Joe Buck and Tim McCarver to narrate: Save us.

Save us for Game 2. Tonight. And, after that, who knows? Did anyone predict a Giants-Rangers Series? Did anyone predict a slugfest in Game 1?

Last night's game proved that no one knows what will happen. No one. We'll just have to wait and see.

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