Feds Say Fuck No to Lincecum-Themed T-Shirts

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ICE Fucking Took It
The federal government is not your friend. Barry Bonds knows this -- the home run king will be in federal court next year not for using steroids, but for allegedly lying to a federal grand jury about using them (this after a federal agent rooted through BALCO kingpin Victor Conte's trash in order to break open the steroids scandal).

And the video crew that created yesterday's anthem-du-jour know this, too. Like numerous other underground clothiers, they created some t-shirts to commemorate the Giants' playoff run, and Tim Lincecum's choice of words in particular. But then someone crashed their tailgate Thursday -- federal customs officials, who seized their shirts, they said Friday.

San Carlos-based Mike Malament and his crew were setting up their tailgate, blaring the 'Fuck Yeah' anthem when "something didn't feel right," Malament told SF Weekly. "Mad people were coming over to say they love the jam, then bam! Undercovers [and] badges just rolled, grabbed our 25 shirts!"

Apparently it was the SF Giants' copyrighted "SF" logo -- printed over the U in Fuck Yeah -- that drew Immigration and Customs Enforcement's ire, Malament said. Some shirts had already been sold -- some wearing them could be see on last night's broadcast -- but the rest are gone, all gone.

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After the bust, some undercovers hung around Malament's tailgate, he said. "Dallas Cowboys jackets and unlabeled fits [hats] gave them away," he said. "So we started yelling at them like they were Philly fans. Maybe it was just us being paranoid."

This should serve as a warning to t-shirt makers and users of Timmy's epithet everywhere: don't rip off a copyrighted logo, otherwise the Feds will get you.

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