Cleve Jones Skips His Own San Francisco Political Event

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Gil Goldstein
Cleve Jones won't be here in San Francisco to recruit you
Iowa isn't the worst place to be for National Coming Out Day. Gay marriage is legal there, after all. That's just one of many reasons no one will confuse Iowa for San Francisco anytime soon. And instead of appearing today at a political event he was scheduled to headline, former Harvey Milk lieutenant Cleve Jones is, we're told, cooling his heels in the Tall Corn State.

An event cleverly titled "Cleve Jones Comes Out -- For Debra Walker and Rafael Mandelman" was slated for today at City Hall. That won't happen, says Mandelman's campaign manager, Stephanie Ashley, as Jones "wasn't able to get on his plane. He's stuck in Iowa."

The event hasn't been rescheduled, but it's anticipated it'll be held next week. Of course, National Coming Out Day is today, not next week. "It won't be on National Coming Out Day," confirms Ashley. "That's a big bummer."

When in Iowa, by the way, don't fail to do the following:

  • Head to Council Bluffs, home to not one but two railroad museums: The Union Pacific museum and the Rails West museum (no idea which is more gay-friendly);

  • Commemorate the same-sex partnership that changed America at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Souix City. Was Sacagawea the Yoko of this early American supergroup? Here's the place to find out;

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