Cattle Stampede Planned for San Francisco Streets Tonight

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Stop! You're violating the city charter!
Here's the difference between Daly City and San Francisco: In the former, they'll have cows on the streets. Here we have people who think they're cows.

Actually, tonight San Francisco will have cows trotting through its city streets as well. In order to commence the opening of the Cow Palace Grand National Rodeo, a herd of up to 60 beasts will be driven from Bayshore Boulevard over to Geneva and up into the stadium in Daly City.

Is it more onerous to receive municipal permission to trot large animals down the street in San Francisco than it is in Daly City? You bet it is, notes Tabatha Mills, the marketing director for the rodeo.

The permit for the year's bovine procession was signed off by the mayor's offices of both Daly City and San Francisco, the police in both cities, property owners, and the San Francisco SPCA will monitor the event.

Cattle Drive 03.jpg
Amazing scenes were witnessed at a past Daly City cattle drive...

Cattle drives like this hark back to the rodeo's primordial days -- that'd be 1941. We're guessing you didn't have an Animal Welfare Commission or SPCA involvement back then.

The rodeo commences on Oct. 20 -- so these cows will be hanging out at the Cow Palace until then (does that make them bovine royalty?). "These cows will be there for people to come take a gander at," Mills says. You'd think the presence of cows at a place called the Cow Palace wouldn't be a big thing. But, then, you're much more likely to find guns, pot, Metallica, or even sweaty engineers there much of the time. 

Cattle Drive 02.jpg
No speeding tickets were handed out
The beasts who'll wander through San Francisco tonight, notes Mills, are part of a contingent used specially for public cattle drives such as this -- and are chosen for their docility.

For those hoping to "get a gander" tonight at the cattle drive, there'll be a handful of cowboy legends and steer-wrestlers we hadn't heard of (half of these are "living legends," and half are key figures in the founding of Facebook. You guess: Luke Branqhuino, Sean Parker, Eduardo Saverin, Cotton Rosser).

Also in attendance tonight will be Assemblywoman Fiona Ma. This cattle drive, naturally, will offer her yet another opportunity to tweet about excrement.

Cattle Drive 01.jpg
Palace, sweet palace...

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