Can You Beat These Giants Fan Get Ups?

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So you call yourself a fan at heart. Big boop-boop-a-deal. We want to see it in your fashion.

At Wednesday's game, no one could beat this little lady right here. The Giants' own little Miss Betty Boop. We suspect this might be a recycled Halloween costume, but it rocked nonetheless, and the dudes next to her seemed to approve as well.

Boop Boop A Doop!

Then there was this spirited trio. This man took the prize for Most Fabulous Fan, dressed to the nines in a cowboy outfit (complete with Western boots we regret to not have captured in this photo) and a sporting Giants windbreaker with the collar up as if it were a 50's greaser jacket. In a nod to San Francisco Drag King style, his female friend strapped on the beard. Androgyny at hetero American pastimes: that's how we San Franciscans roll.

Very San Francisco.
Just like the kid who buys the lame Grim Reaper mask at Walgreen's the day of Halloween, those lacking in creativity could simply buy their Panda get up from the man below. The vendor himself was sporting one, but from the looks of it, his heart just wasn't in it. He showed about as much joy as Ralphie donning the pink rabbit suit in A Christmas Story.

Pablo, is that you?

Of course, some San Franciscans just can't go to enjoy a ballgame. They have to drag goddamn existential questions into it. So this man came in his Giants orange sweatshirt, on which he seemed to get the "Fear the Beard" slogan confused with "Fear God." Not to worry, given the score yesterday, he seems to have swayed the Big Guy's favor to the Giants' side.  

But does He save from torture?


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