Unmanned Boat Collides with San Francisco Pier

Next stop: Pier 70
"Worse things happen at sea," is a common, if not sensitive, way of telling someone that things could be far worse for him. It's also an applicable utterance when considering a bizarre incident in the Bay yesterday.

Boater Rick Saber plunged off his 32-foot vessel, the Eagle, yesterday morning near Alcatraz. It motored on without him, eventually colliding with a dry dock at Pier 70 around three miles away. And yet, astoundingly, no harm was done to man, boat, or dry dock.

Saber, who had become tangled with a rope before falling overboard, was fished out of the water by the Coast Guard after around 20 minutes. He told ABC 7 that his life vest lived up to its title and saved his life.

He even managed to hop back in the Eagle yesterday and motor off -- without incident.

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