Bevan Dufty City's Burger Kingmaker as Happy Meal Ban Vote Looms

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What's inside the box? That depends on Bevan Dufty.
UPDATE: Vote on Happy Meal legislation continued from tomorrow to Nov. 2

With the city's contentious "Happy Meal legislation" up for a vote tomorrow, Bevan Dufty, the city's least contentious supervisor, finds himself a popular man.

Dufty, a moderate and mayoral candidate, would be the eighth vote in favor of a plan to regulate how healthy a restaurant meal must be in order to enjoy the privilege of including a toy with its purchase price. Without his blessing, the measure is certain to go down in flames to a promised mayoral veto. With Dufty's approval, however, San Francisco will join an exclusive list of municipalities that have regulated what McDonald's can and cannot put in a Happy Meal.

As a result, Dufty has become Mayor McCheese of the Happy Meal debate. A full-page ad in the Examiner today implored him to vote for the measure. "I saw it when I stepped out of the gym this morning," he said.

Meanwhile, he's also met with fast food franchise owners and hopes to do so again.

Jim Herd
Sidney's dad, Supervisor Bevan Dufty, is awfully good at keeping a secret
Will the full-page ads or arguments of restaurant owners sway Dufty? Yes. No. Maybe. He's not saying. "I'm certainly moved and impressed when people doing good work appeal to me." But he's not disclosing how he's going to vote.

Dufty believed the Happy Meal measure's sponsor, Supervisor Eric Mar, might ask to continue tomorrow's vote for a later time while he tweaked the language. As for whether it would behoove Mar to vote now or vote later because of how Dufty was leaning -- well, Bevan's not playing that game. "I've said what I'm going to say."

The Bevan Dufty Will He or Won't He? Happy Meal Tour will continue until tomorrow -- or later. And we'll all find out what Dufty thinks when his turn comes to vote.

"Trust me, there'll be a lot of people at my door tomorrow," he notes.

Billions and billions of constituents served, it would seem.

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