Barack Obama *NOT* Coming to SF. Blame the Chronicle

Praise him. Somewhere else.
SF Chronicle scoopmeisters Matier & Ross bring us this big steaming hot one today: President Barack Obama, who planned to attend a Democratic Party fundraiser at the Four Seasons in San Francisco tomorrow, will skip The City That Knows How instead visit Palo Alto, the city that knows how to... (what is it that one does in Palo Alto?).

Who's to blame for this switcheroo? M&R, M&R reported. Our ballin' POTUS was to visit SF on Thursday evening for a ritzy, glitzy fundraiser at the downtown apartment building of Google exec Marissa Mayer. Mayer lives at the Four Seasons (an aside: what's with rich people living in hotels? Answer: hiring someone else to put mints on your own pillow and stock your own bathroom with your own towels creates jobs).

As soon as they received wind of this last week, M&R tut-tutted, noting that a motorcade on Market Street isn't quite bike-friendly would cause traffic havoc, competing as it would for asphalt with folks heading to and from Game 5 of the National League Championship Series between the Giants and Philadelphia Phillies.

Evidently Obama heeded the call and retreated to the suburbs, where Mayer has her actual, y'know, house. This is just as well: Obama is also scheduled to host a fundraiser -- also in the suburbs -- for his good buddy and early supporter Kamala D. Harris, who, detractors note, was not tapped for a job in Obama's administration.

While San Francisco has long been a bastion of support for BHO II, it's not as if this affects us plebians much (unless you are a plebian who works at the Four Seasons). It's not like we'd get to catch a glimpse of The Man Himself. And remind yourself: Obama's not left enough for us anyway.

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