Giants' Internet Sensation Ashkon Davaran Not Ready to Stop Believing

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Ashkon Davaran hasn't stopped believing
Make no mistake about it, Ashkon Davaran is enjoying his time as an internet celebrity. But he's not enjoying it nearly as much as what put him there: an extended San Francisco Giants playoff ride.

The Bay Area-born actor and musician's Giants-themed takeoff of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" has clocked just shy of 700,000 YouTube hits. Calls are coming in from possible movers and shakers, he'll be on KNBR radio today, and, perhaps, he'll even be working with the Giants -- if the team's postseason run continues. All in all, good times for a long-suffering Giants fan. 

Davaran is a firm believer in the adage that real musicians have day jobs. He doesn't right now -- he's aggressively pushing this music thing. But, in recent years, he's worked as a tutor and substitute teacher in Oakland and Richmond schools and served as a camp director in Berkeley. He has, naturally, waited tables. During the young actor/musician's obligatory sojourn in Los Angeles, he worked with a nonprofit that taught theater skills to underprivileged kids.

Last year, his L.A. chapter ended. The Kensington-raised Davaran -- who would not reveal his age, but would note that the 1989 Giants were his first baseball love -- returned home to help care for his ailing father. The elder Davaran, a huge Giants fan, recently died -- making this playoff run somewhat bittersweet.

The massive reaction to Davaran's Giants-themed ditty has "opened up a lot of doors connections-wise, in terms of people reaching out who are interested in doing stuff," says the El Cerrito High grad. "I think I've done a pretty good job of separating out the people who want to talk to me for the moment and people who actually want to talk to me about future collaborations."

And, yes, Davaran's net-fame got him into today's Game 3. An old buddy with season tickets called up and said "I'm going with you." Don't stop believing it -- Ashkon will be watching Cole Hamels and Matt Cain lock horns from about 15 rows behind home plate.

"If nothing else, I'm going to the NLCS," he said. "So it was all worth it."

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