49ers-Broncos Game in London Shaping Up to Be Epic Stinkbomb

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Troy Smith SI.jpg
No matter what, a Smith will be the 49ers' QB
The announcement that Troy Smith will be under center for the 49ers in their forthcoming "home" contest vs. the Denver Broncos in London seals the deal: This may be the worst thing we've ever done to the British since convincing them to join us on our escapade into Iraq.

Local fans don't need to be reminded of how things are going for the 1-6 49ers. That being said, coach Mike Singletary's utterance of the line "I think Troy Smith gives us a good opportunity to win the game" is akin to a doctor telling you to "try to stay positive" when you ask what your chances are. You're doomed, man.

Denver, meanwhile, somehow managed to give up 50 more points to the Oakland Raiders than the team scored against San Francisco. It will be interesting to hear what authentically English phrases will be used to describe these teams and this game:

  • Sicker than a parrot

  • A dog's dinner

  • They both looked like a real bag of shite

If nothing else, the 49ers this year are to be commended for proving the criticism that football is a low-scoring game where nothing much happens but a lot of inconsequential play in the middle of the field isn't only applicable to the international version of the game.

And, who knows? Perhaps the stoic Singletary will find a job to his liking over there in London

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