Toilet Paper Running Low in Parks Due to Budget Impasse

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Yes we are
It remains to be seen whether the sketchy budget compromise touted by California leadership will be signed or spurned by legislators. But if it's rejected, copies of the failed budget should be sent -- posthaste -- to the state's rural parks. They could find a use for it.

"Bottom line: Remote rural state parks will likely run out of toilet paper by early October," reads an e-mail the Los Angeles Times obtained from the governor's finance department. It turns out that a state credit card used to buy TP and other bare necessities has been yanked by the bank due to lack of payment. And payment won't commence until there's a budget. Cross your fingers. Cross your legs.

This leaves visitors to the state's rural parks with three options:

  • Pray our state's leaders do their jobs;

  • Bring your own toilet paper;

  • Wipe with leaves.

Not exactly what our predecessors predicted for the 21st century, is it?

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