Thea Miller, S.F. Realtor, Claims Match.Com Predator John Egan Scammed Her For $250K

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Brokenhearted -- and broke
Thea Miller, a San Francisco Realtor and divorced mother, has won a default judgment against a Lothario she says scammed a quarter of a million dollars out of her.

John Egan allegedly sweet-talked Miller's credit card number away from her by posing as a suave and desirable sports executive. In reality, however, the overweight and gray-haired 32-year-old was living in his parent's New York basement. Miller's money went to buy expensive sports tickets, athletic paraphernalia, and other swag.

Reached for comment, Miller, 52, declined to speak about an "ongoing criminal investigation," and directed questions to her Manhattan attorney, Michael Galluzzi. Calls to Galluzzi have yet to be returned.

Miller told the New York Post, however, she was "falling in love" with a man who portrayed himself as a sweet Catholic mama's boy from a big family. For two years they exchanged cavalcades of phone calls and e-mails. Yet he consistently broke their personal dates -- and continued to spend her money. Now, she claims, she's had to sell her home and pull her son from private school to pay for Egan's sports tickets and steak dinners.

Mets tickets.jpg
John Egan is charged with buying $250,000 worth of Mets tickets and other swag on Thea Miller's dime
Miller this year won a default judgment against Egan in Manhattan Supreme Court for $300,000 plus $300,000 in future losses -- Egan didn't show up to contest the case -- but that money has not come close to being collected. The alleged con man may be facing grand larceny charges brought by a New York district attorney, however -- which won't be so easy to sidestep.

Adding insult to injury, Egan is purportedly married. Though he may have a thing for San Franciscans -- local woman Yolanda Castaneda met him on, too. She won a default small-claims judgment against him for $6,065 in 2007.

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