Stanford's Trent Edwards Stays in the Picture

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Never understimate the value of a Stanford degree
In the treacherous fields of high finance, politics, or international business, it's not unusual for a Stanford grad to be pushed out by a Harvard man. But in the NFL? Really?

And yet, on Monday, that's just what transpired. Onetime Buffalo Bills starting quarterback Trent Edwards, formerly of the Harvard of the West, was jettisoned. Supplanting him was Ryan Fitzpatrick, a graduate of the Stanford of the East. But things worked out for Edwards -- and he did get out of Buffalo before the winter set in.

He was today signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars in a move even a public school graduate could comprehend via the application of the basic economic principle of supply and demand (Demand for halfway decent NFL quarterbacks > Number of halfway decent NFL quarterbacks).

For the record, the Jags' corner office QB job is tenuously held by an East Carolina man. Edwards' toady is a peon from St. Cloud State. Finally, Edwards earns $1.65 million a year -- not bad for a man four years off The Farm. But hardly unprecedented.

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