Spare the Air Day -- No Barbecuing, Please

It's not grilling weather after all
It took the waning and passing of summer for summer weather to arrive in San Francisco. And with hot weather comes Spare the Air Days. You don't get free rides on public transit anymore on Spare the Air days.

In fact, all you get for free these days is advice. Like, don't drive if you can help it. And, on lovely days when people are likely to flock to the beach, no barbecuing.

That was the No. 2 prohibition suggested by Kristine Roselius, the public information officer for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District: No drivin' and no grillin'.

The burning of charcoal presents a problem on smog-prone days, she says. Would a barbecue cookoff on sweltering days like this past weekend's be unwelcome? Yes, she says.

"If you must barbecue," Roselius notes, it's far preferable for the environment to burn gas instead of charcoal.

But don't burn gas in your car. And, those of you taking Muni today -- you may be walking. Well, lovely weather. 

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