'SFearthquakes' Twitter Account Needs to Shake Up Language

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Your humble narrator just became the 8,619th follower of the Twitter account @SFearthquakes. Figured it'd be useful down the road to explain to us why there's rubble on our heads and we've been unconscious for three days.

So, a valuable service is being provided. But not just in the way you'd expect. This Twitter account is also a reminder that word choice matters. Take a gander of the following as the author channels Keanu Reeves:


In fact, you'd have to go back to 2007 for the author to use a word other than "Damn," "Whoah," or "Hey" to introduce his or her announcement. On Oct. 30, 2007, the 5.6 magnitude Alum Rock quake was trumpeted with a "DUDE." 

Guessing the next bit of verbiage to be used is the silver lining of waiting for an earthquake.

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