Schwarzenegger to Tour San Bruno Today

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Well, he said he'd be back...
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, fresh from visiting the future Bay Bridge in China, will tour the disaster zone today in San Bruno.

Alongside Sen. Leland Yee and Lieutenant Governor Abel Maldonado, the governor will "receive a briefing," walk through the devastation, and then hold a "media availability."

While we're reticent to make light of anything tied to the San Bruno disaster less than a week after a PG&E pipe ruptured and triggered a massive explosion and fire.

And yet, it seems unimaginable that our governor will fail to, in some way, reference his past as a disaster movie fixture. Our money is on a comment along the lines of "It's unbelievable, it looks like something out of one of my movies," or "I have been in many disaster zones on screen, but this, this is real life." That's our bet.

In other political San Bruno news, Schwarzenegger's wingman, Maldonado, has been accused by state Democrats of milking his camera time serving as can-do acting governor in the wake of the San Bruno blast. Perhaps those charges are just sour grapes -- but, speaking of grapes, Maldonado may have earned them when he alerted TV news crews that he'd be handing fruit baskets out to burn victims.

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