School of the Epiphany's Gas Leak Scare Just Barbecue Leftovers

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Back to class, kids...
A gas odor that the Excelsior District's School of the Epiphany to evacuate its students onto the playground was just the remnants of a weekend barbecue.

School attendants tell SF Weekly that the rectory held a cookout this weekend, but left a propane tank open in the school garage. When the garage was opened this morning, the smell of gas wafted out, prompting school officials to move all the kids out of the building at 7:45 a.m.

The San Francisco Fire Department gave the school the all-clear several minutes ago to bring the students back inside and get on with the day.

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In the wake of Thursday's San Bruno natural gas explosion and fire, fire and PG&E officials should expect more better-safe-than-sorry calls such as this one.

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